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SICP exercise 2.44

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Comment The solution for this exercise requires the use of the PLT Scheme DrScheme graphical environment. Ensure the DrScheme language is set to Module before running the program.
Comment The picture language implemented by the PLT Scheme SICP picture package is slightly different than the picture language described in the text. The PLT package lacks the wave and rogers pictures; the solution provided here will use the diagonal-shading and einstein pictures provided by the PLT package instead. Also, painters in the PLT picture package don't know how to draw themselves. In order to draw a painter in the DrScheme graphical environment, use the paint procedure: it takes a single argument, the painter to draw, e.g.,

(paint einstein)

The (require ...) expression at the beginning of the program automatically loads the PLT picture package from the DrScheme web site. It may not work if you're attempting to run the program from behind a proxy or outbound firewall.

For more information on the PLT SICP picture package, see here.


Define the procedure up-split used by corner-split. It is similar to right-split<tt>, except that it switches the roles of <tt>below and beside.


This problem is straightforward. We want to draw the split painters above the original.

#lang scheme
(require (planet "" ("soegaard" "sicp.plt" 2 1)))
(define (up-split painter n)
  (if (= n 0)
      (let ((smaller (up-split painter (- n 1))))
        (below painter (beside smaller smaller)))))


(paint (up-split einstein 2))


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