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SICP exercise 2.25

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Give combinations of cars and cdrs that will pick 7 from each of the following lists:

(1 3 (5 7) 9) 
(1 (2 (3 (4 (5 (6 7))))))


For testing purposes, let's name each list:

(define list1 (list 1 3 (list 5 7) 9))
(define list2 (list (list 7)))
(define list3 (list 1 (list 2 (list 3 (list 4 (list 5 (list 6 7)))))))

A simple method for constructing these car/cdr sequences is to find the 7 in the list, start with a car, and then work backwards towards the beginning of the list. For each integer you encounter, use a cdr. For the beginning of each list encountered, use a car until you reach the outer-most list.

For each combination given below, the output from the interpreter follows.

(car (cdr (car (cdr (cdr list1)))))



(car (car list2))



(car (cdr (car (cdr (car (cdr (car (cdr (car (cdr (car (cdr list3))))))))))))


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