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SICP exercise 2.12

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Define a constructor make-center-percent that takes a center and a percentage tolerance and produces the desired interval. You must also define a selector percent that produces the percentage tolerance for a given interval. The center selector is the same as the one given in the text in section 2.1.4.


Here are the center selector and the make-center-width constructor given in the text, along with the code from previous exercises for representing intervals.

(define (make-interval a b) (cons a b))
(define (lower-bound i) (car i))
(define (upper-bound i) (cdr i))
(define (interval-width i)
  (/ (- (upper-bound i)
        (lower-bound i))
(define (center i)
  (/ (+ (lower-bound i) (upper-bound i)) 2))
(define (make-center-width c w)
  (make-interval (- c w) (+ c w)))

Here are the requested procedures. Note that the percentage tolerance specifies the width of the interval. For example, using the resistor example given in the text, "6.8 ohms with 10% tolerance" gives a width of 0.68 and an interval of [6.12, 7.48].

(define (make-center-percent center percent)
  (let ((width (* center ( / percent 100.0))))
    (make-center-width center width)))
(define (percent i)
  (* (/ (interval-width i) (center i)) 100.0))


(define x (make-center-percent 2.5 15))
(lower-bound x)


(upper-bound x)


(percent x)


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